Data Publishing Compliance (dpC)

Data Publishing Compliance (dpC)

dpC is a solution service platform that enables the seamless management of Publishing, Sharing, Submitting or Duplicating data from one place to another that is compliant with an established Data Standard.

Data Sources

  • Supports multiple Data Sources
  • Provides for XML, File Upload, Database and/or Web Service Interfaces
  • Enables data source Verification and Data Standard assignments
  • Supports resynchronization, add, delete and change event processing
  • Enables automated File Upload transfer and processing
  • Provides for both near real-time and batch processing

Data Standards

  • Supports multiple Data Standards
  • Pre-Loaded industry specific Data Standards
  • Interfaces to external validation applications (web services)
  • Maintains a hierarchical Data Relationship Model
  • Provides for customized validations
  • Supports complex Business Rules
  • Enables Intra- and Inter-Object data dependencies
  • Configurable management of Metadata Code Sets
  • Maintains Data Standard mappings relationships at the User Interface level

Data Compliance

  • Utilizes Six Sigma Process Controls
  • Maintains both Transaction and Defect Repositories
  • Enables Drill-Down Defect Analytics
  • Provides identification of non-compliance to applied Data Standard
  • Provides for external application/data validation interfaces
  • Categorizes Defects
  • Enables Root Cause Analysis processes
  • Reports Data Source and Enterprise views
  • Tracks and Reports Performance Metrics

Data Correction

  • Supports direct defect correction in Source Application through configurable application plug-in
  • Records and verifies Defect Corrections
  • Produces Correction Reports
  • Provides data corrections for Application import or direct updating
  • Reports Correction Mean-Time-To-Repair
  • Performs automatic corrections

Data Publishing

  • Supports multiple Data Stores and/or Publishing Interfaces
  • Configurable to publish only “Defect-Free” data
  • Enables Removal and De-Identification of data
  • Configurable Data Store and/or Interface Updating
  • Supports Data Deposition processing rules
  • Provides Configurable Data Mappings
  • Enables Operational Data Publishing reporting


  • Provides creation of notifications by Role, Users, Data Sources and/or Custom Groups
  • Produces automated, recurring email Notifications with selected report attachments
  • Enables creation of reusable Broadcast Templates
  • Maintains Custom Notify Groups


  • Portfolio of Administrative reports
  • Secure, Controlled environment for user access
  • Configurable Access by Role definitions
  • Allows for Data Source assignment to User
  • Maintains User Organization and Contact information
  • Provides for Library of related documentation