Process Maturity Assessments

The assessment process enables a business to create a Road Map for Data Quality Process Improvement utilizing a best practice Data Quality Maturity Model framework that has been proven globally for over 10 years.  The assessment facilitates the creation of current maturity levels, identifying key process areas for improvement and the tactical action plan required to mature the Data Quality processes within the following dimensions:

  • User Expectations – Measuring conformance to user expectation needs of data quality.
  • Business Impact – Measuring, ranking and managing the business impact of data defects as it relates to revenue, costs, risk, reputation, sales, customer experience, etc.
  • Policies – Managing information policy conformance i.e. security, privacy, legislative, regulatory, etc.
  • Procedures – Preventative processes for proactive data quality assurance, control and remediation of data defects.
  • Data Governance – Definitions and management of data quality related to participation, collaboration and oversight within the business enterprise with accompanying Data Stewardship processes.
  • Data Standards – Conformance and management of internal or industry data standards.
  • Tools – Implementation and use of tools that support the data quality process objectives.
  • Performance Management – Management scheme for continuously monitoring and auditing data quality performance.