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Data Quality remains one of the largest issues in Health Care industry!!

Health Care organizations are increasing undertaking data initiatives where their quality of data publishing remains elusive for most organizations which is impacting their ability to meet customer and project goals. Most organizations believe that their data usage is evolving to support significant business needs such as customer experience, decision making and governance BUT their data being published is still not at the quality required to achieve their goals.

In a survey published by Experian in 2016, 23 percent of responding health care organizations say their data is inaccurate, and they are seeing a high number of consequences from bad data. Further, 75 percent of organizations believe that inaccurate data is undermining their ability to provide an excellent customer experience. Organizations site that “Businesses are evolving to make more intelligent decisions based on data, but they have not updated their data management processes to ensure they are using high-quality information”.

dpC for Health Care – Solutions Briefing

Clincial Research FDA Submissions

Clinical Research requires data submissions to the FDA that are high in quality and timely.  Utilizing the Data Publishing Compliance (dpC) service solution, enables client’s to achieve this goal.

  • Pre-Loaded FDA Clinical Research CDISC Data Standards
  • Operational Monitoring to ensure client data is publishing to FDA
  • Notification and Maintenance of FDA Data Standards changes
  • Mappings of FDA Data Standards to the screen and field names that are used for data entry
  • Publishing only defect-free data to the FDA
  • Automated daily email notifications for current defects, corrections and data that was published to FDA
  • Closed-Loop defect correction process
  • Data Publishing performance metrics reporting for defects and mean-time-to-repair (Six Sigma Process Controls)
  • Defect Correction Management plug-in for data source application
  • Drill-Down defect analytics
  • Historical Transaction Repository for auditing data published
  • Suite of Administrative, Data Source and Enterprise reports

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EMR Data Migration

Data Migration to a new EMR application can seem to be an overwhelming task as it requires answering these questions:

  • What data does your new EMR application demands?
  • How will I manage the new EMR application Data Standard?
  • Where is the source of the data coming from for the new EMR application?
  • How do I manage getting the data from the source into the EMR application?
  • How do I identify the defects and their respective data owners in the source data?
  • How do I manage the correction of the defects in the source data?
  • How do I migrate the source data in conjunction with the rollout of the new EMR application?

All the above are addressed in utilizing the processes, people and tools provided by utilizing the Data Publishing Compliance (dpC) service solution in a user-oriented, seamless, non-technical approach.

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Quality Reporting

To monitor the quality in the healthcare system, organizations are required to publish/report their quality of services .  These quality reports are utilized to identify quality performance measures and assist in management of quality improvement initiatives.  Utilizing the Data Publishing Compliance (dpC) service solution, these Health Care organizations can produce quality and timely reports from many functional data sources.