ProActive Datum clients achieve quantifiable successes by:

  • Increase billable revenue
  • Breaking down data silos
  • Integrating enterprise data
  • Optimizing IT infrastructure
  • Reducing personnel costs
  • Implementing, managing and understanding of Data Standards
  • Eliminating business process interruptions
  • Providing assurance as to the accuracy, security and privacy of their data
  • Automating manual Data Quality tasks i.e. ad-hoc reports, rework, extracts, custom programming/scripts and visual data inspections
  • Providing information for enforcement of Data Governance policies and procedures
  • Shortening cycle time for defect identification, root cause analysis¬†and correction
  • Reducing help desk/support requests
  • Instilling data ownership and accountability
  • Improving visibility, tracking, communication and measurement of data quality performance i.e. Six Sigma Process Controls
  • Enabling faster delivery of quality data